Shetland is a collection of islands located North off the Scottish Coast.

Shetland Ponies are world famous and are a direct results of the tough climate producing a small, hardy pony.

Bayhall Stud has been breeding Shetland ponies since 1990. The proprietor's family have bred ponies for many generations and featured in the very first Stud Book.

The Bayhall ponies graze over a 100 acre croft; keeping near the croft house through the winter months and then after foaling they move to a large hill park (80 acres) where they an roam in the traditional way. This natural environment keeps the ponies fit and healthy.

All visitors are welcome to visit the croft and view the ponies or just have a chat. See the contact page for our details.


  colt foal



  Bayhall Toby on 17/08/17

  Bayhall         Toby

  Colt foal


  Bayhall Toby - colt foal born 20/05/17 - Dam is Bayhall Olivia - photo at 2 days old
2014 foals
  Bayhall Sylvester - colt foal - Dam is Bayhall Olivia

                                          Bayhall Stardust - Dam is Bayhall Kia Ora









Filly Foal - Bayhall Renee - grey dun & white  and   Colt Foal - Bayhall Rosco - Miniature Black

May 2012

The first foals have arrived !!  Photos on Photo Page

Bayhall Rosco - Miniature Black Colt from Bayhall Kia-Ora

Bayhall Renee - unusual coloured filly cream dun and white with eel stripe from Bayhall Bubbles

July 2011

 2011 FOALs -  colt - Bayhall Quentin;  fillies - Bayhall Quanita and Bayhall Quiz

- see photo page for details of dams - sire is Ramnaberg Harry



May 2011

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Bayhall Shetland Pony Stud   


 May 2011

                     The new foals have all arrived.

       Please look at their photos & details on the Photos page. 

              They will all be available in Mid-september.

     e-mail me if you are interested -









22 Aug 10

Success at the Viking Pony Show, Lerwick !! Galaxy is the Reserve Overall Ring Champion in the Miniature Ring!! And Lucy was 2nd Prize in the Miniature Yield Mare Class.    At the Walls Agricultural Show Galaxy was also the Reserve Supreme Overall Champion and the Best Miniature Pony

05 Aug 10
    More Ponies For Sale - Lady, Tickle and Lucy - see for sale page
27 May 10
    Bayhall Pebbles - chestnut filly foal arives - see photo and for sale page
02 May 10

    The first foal of 2010 is born - Bayhall Pluto - see the photo and for sale pages

15 Aug 09

   Our miniature mare Galaxy has won the Best Miniature in Show Trophy

                             at the Walls & District Agriculture Show 2009


    As part of the 2009 Shetland Pony Breed Show we have taken part in the Stud Tour Visits. 

                   Please see if you appear on our photo  It was lovely to meet you all!



Stock For Sale - see details on the for sale page

26.05.09 Last foal born today - Tickle has a lovely chestnut colt foal,  please see the photo of Bayhall Obama on the photo page - (named by Rachel who is currently working in Chicago, USA where President Obama has his main home - when not at the White House, Washington)
01.05.09 Two foals were both born this morning -Kexie has a filly foal (Olivia) and Lady has a colt foal (Oscar). We have taken photos of them at just a few hours old and these can be seen on the photo page.  Tickle still awaits the borth of her foal.
21.10.08 All stock now settled into "winter mode" - the foals have all been settled with new owners. Thanks to all those who have enquired over the past few months.
05.05.08 We have 4 colt foals and 1 filly foal who are all doing well. All are for sale this autumn, for details see the Photos page and also the For Sale page. There are also two mares for sale.
06.06.07 Unfortunately we will have no foals for sale this summer, but the ponies are now out to the hill with the stallion Zorro of Berry.
10.03.07 All the ponies are looking well after the winter. We are hoping to have up to 6 foals due between 24th April and 4th June 2007. The stallion used last year was:
Wata of Berry (S04 -69 AM0519), he is a piebald and 34.25 inches.
Wata's Sire is Ward of Houlland (003769) and Dam is Tati of Berry (M01 112 AF0611)

10.09.06 Bayhall Mister has been sold. Thank you for all the interest shown.
05.09.06 Good home required for 2006 Colt "Bayhall Mister".
15.06.06 2 Foals now uploaded to the ponies section. These are Bayhall Mister and Bayhall Magic.
08.05.06 No foals as yet, they will be due anytime. Site will be updated and photos uploaded as soon as any foals arrive. Check back soon.
12.10.05 The local pony sale has been, and most of our available stock has been bought this year. See the For Sale section.
04.09.05 Two of our '05 foals are to be exported to norway in the next week: Linus and Lily.
27.05.05 New addition this morning, Grunivoe Cracker has produced a chestnut filly, named Bayhall Laura. Mother and Daughter well. This is the last of the foals we are expecting this year, and the "For Sale" section has now been finalised.
26.05.05 A Stallion, Scapa Fireman, has rejoined the group, who are all now enjoying their summer on our enclosed hill where they can roam and gallop to their heart's content.
13.05.05 Five new foals so far, as of the 13th of May, you can see some pictures and information on them in the "photos" section.
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